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Hello everybody,
we are Lidia, Leandro and Corinne Luppi, managers and owners of the “Moscal Inn”.

We have a very precise goal: to offer high quality at the right price every day; by quality we mean like the welcome and gastronomy in progress, where local products meet new ideas which are concrete and in constant development, breathing life into a modern concept of tradition.

In other words, we would like to welcome you into an inn that reworks the pure and true spirit of hospitality, combining real cooking with innovation, and an authentic celebration of the flavours of the past.

In addition, we are the owners and chefs of the Vecchia Malcesine Restaurant, the only Michelin-starred restaurant on the shores of Lake Garda since 2004.

Affi - Local history and culture

Set on the slopes of Monte Moscal, Affi is a strategic access portal to Lake Garda and to one of the main expressway arteries (Modena-Brenner).
Lapped by the waters of the Tasso River, one of the Adige River tributaries, it is surrounded by charming territory which offers numerous opportunities for outdoor sorties and open air activities, but it is also a tiny jewel box of historic, artistic and architectural gems, left as a heritage by a long and fascinating history. Given a name for the first time in the 9th century, in the 11th and 12th centuries, the town became the domain of the San Zeno Abbey of Verona, with the name Castelnuovo dell'Abate. For a long time it was just a small rural centre, but with the passing of the centuries, Affi's character changed radically until it became the town it is today, with an optimum position among the main lines of communication, a significant wine producing tradition, several well known commercial centres and a few buildings of undeniable historical value, such as the villas built in the 17th and 18th centuries, used by nobles as their summer and productive homes. A few examples are the Villa Poggi, the Villa E. da Persico (a renowned spiritual centre), the 16th century Villa Fracastoro at Incaffi, the medieval Incaffi Castle and the 19th century Villa Sant'Andrea.
In addition to the villas, there are churches, such as the Church of St. Peter in Chains, the Romanesque Church of Saint Andrew, (11th century) and the Church of St. Bartholomew (13th century) featuring interesting frescoes inside: symbols of the religiousness of the past.
Lastly, the capitals, crosses and frescoes are witness to the popular devotion of each contrada (for example, the Capital of St. Joseph, the frescoes by Gilio Trois and the Madonna with Child from the 15th century). Then there are courtyards, walls, wells and fountains which are expressions of the peasant culture, built in traditional fashion using local materials.

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